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2023-24 Mentorship Schedule

Session #1

Primary Guides, Service & Healthy Boundaries

Sept 2023

  • Connect & merge with a primary teacher

  • Ritual of Connection & Sacred Space

  • Sitting With Compassion

  • Energetic Configuration for Working With Others

  • Getting a Middle World Guide for Self Protection

  • Transpersonal Realms: Ordinary, Astral, Demonic, Celestial/Buddhaic

  • Levels of Energy

Homework: Practice your ritual of connection/merging & create or update your sacred space


The Map of Consciousness Explained: A Proven Energy Scale to Actualize Your Ultimate Potential,

by David R Hawkins M.D., Ph.D

Optional Reading:

Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle (audiobook prefered)

Levels of Energy, by Frederick Dodson (available on kindle)

Session #2

Scripts, Inductions and Body Mapping

October 2023

  • What are Scripts?

  • The Body/Mind/ Spirit / Emotion Complex

  • Insight Inquiry and Deepening Questions

  • Guiding people into body relaxation, mindfulness and altered states

  • Hypnosis, Inner Journeys and Non-Ordinary Reality

Homework: Practice different body centered mindfulness scripts 5X on others

Reading: Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss

Resources: Scripts for Induction in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #3

Teaching The Shamanic & Inner Journey

November 2023

  • Teaching The Shamanic

  • Inner Journey Scripts

  • Middle World vs Lower & Upper World in Shamanic System

  • Middle World Guide/Grounding/Presence

  • Intuition/Spirit Over Intellect/Anxiety

  • Mananging Projections and Performance Anxiety/Ego

Homework: Teach 3 people the Shamanic Journey. Take 3 people on a guided inner journey with the "Leaf Script." 

Reading: Allies & Demons by Renee McKenna, (Ch. 1-4)

Optional Reading: The Way Of The Shaman, by Michael Harner

Resources: Script for Inner Journey, Shamanic drum recording and journey script in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #4

Soul Retrieval, Trauma & Inner Child Work

December 2023

  • Soul Retrieval Guide

  • What Is Trauma?

  • Inner Child Work

  • Golden Child

  • Scripts & The Adult Ego As Caregiver

Homework: Do 5 Soul Retrievals on others and receive at least 2 soul retrievals for yourself, either self guided or from other mentees.

Reading: Reading: Allies & Demons by Renee McKenna, (Ch. 6 & 7)

No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma & Restoring Wholeness With Internal Family Systems, by Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

Resources: Soul Retrieval Scripts in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #5

Soul Retrieval II: Integration Techniques

January 2024

  • Body "hug" Retrieval

  • Lifespan Integration Timelines

  • Chakra Merging

  • Staying In Non-ordinary Reality

Homework: Do 5 additional Soul Retrievals on others and receive at least 2 more soul retrievals for yourself.

Reading: Soul Retrieval, by Sandra Ingerman & Lifespan Integration, by Peggy Pace

Resources: Soul Retrieval Scripts in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #6

Feeding Your Demons, Depossession & Negative Energy Extraction

February 2024

  • Defensive Structures & Inner Critic

  • Compassion for Destructive Forms

  • "Feeding Your Demons" Script and Practice

  • Updating Our Inner Operating System

  • Getting An Ally

  • Shamanic depossession and Christian Exorcism vs. Compassionate Extraction


Homework: Do 5 Feeding Your Demons(FYD) on yourself and then 5 FYD on others

Reading: Allies & Demons by Renee McKenna, (Ch. 5) & 

Feeding Your Demons, By Tsultrim Allione

Resources: Feeding Your Demons YouTube, Link in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #7

Negative Energy Extraction II

March 2024 

  • Light Portal Process

  • Negative Energy Fragments

  • Spirit Release/Psychopomp

  • Depossession Guide

  • Self Hatred/Fear/Shame

  • Addiction As An Entity

Homework: Do 5 more Feeding Your Demons or Light Portal Extraction on others

Merge with your depossession guide and observe people on the street and see what you notice about the energetic interference they are carrying/attached to.

Reading: Entities: Parasites of the Body of Energy, by Samuel Sagan

Resources: Light Portal Extraction Script in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #8

Power Retrieval & Exchange

April 2024

  • What Is Power Retrieval & Exchange and when to use it?

  • Higher Self Parts

  • Guide For Power Exchange 

  • Energetic Configurations

  • Power Retrieval Script

  • Personal vs General Power Retrieval

Homework: Do or receive 3 Power retrievals or exchanges on yourself and then 3 power exchanges with others

Reading: Allies & Demons by Renee McKenna, (Ch. 8, 9 & 10) 

Resources: Power Retrieval scripts in Mentorship Google Folder

Session #9

Psychopomp & Working With The Dead

May 2024

  • Escorting Of Souls

  • Guide For Working With The Dead

  • Healing The Dead

  • Tracking The Dead And Dying

  • Rainbow Bridge

Homework: Connect with your psychopomp guide and do 2 psychopomp/spirit releases/soul tracking on people who have died that you know or hear about from the news or other sources.

Reading: Spirit Release, A Practical Handbook, by Sue Allen

Optional Reading: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, by Sogyal Rinpoche

Session #10

Emotional Biography, Insight Inquiry & Deepening Questions

June 2024

  • Taking An Emotional Biography

  • Insight Inquiry

  • Asking Deepening Questions

  • Taking Notes

  • Active Listening

Homework: Take the emotional biography of 3 people. Take or dictate your own emotional biography

Reading: The Undefended Self: Living The Pathwork, by Susan Thesenga

Resources: Emotional Biography worksheet

Session #11

Self Part Integration

July 2024

  • More Internal Family Systems

  • Masculine/Feminine

  • Intellect/Intuition

  • Self judgement

  • Facilitating An Internal Dialog

  • Parts Around The Room Process

Homework: Practice 3 self part integrations and 3 Masculine/Feminine Integrations, plus at least one of each on yourself

Session #12

Past Life Regression 

August 2024

  • What is Past Life Regression?

  • Karmic Patterns

  • Akashic Records

  • Soul's Journey

  • Guide for Past Life Regression

Homework: Do 5 past life regressions on others and receive or do 2 past life integrations of your own.

Reading: Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss

Regression, by Samuel Sagan

Resources: Past Life Regression script in Mentorship Google Folder

September 2024 - MENTORSHIP RETREAT!!

The Path Of Service Celebration

Location & Details TBD​​

  • Ritual Of Initiation

  • Vow Of Service

  • Being & Staying A Healthy Healer

  • Growing In Compassion  

  • The Role Of Love In Healing

  • Building Spiritual Community

We will meet in on zoom 4 Fridays per month at
Noon-2 PT/ 2-4CT/ 3-5 ET

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