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Mentorship in Spiritual Psi-Kology

A Path of Healing, Service & Empowerment

Bridge into the Woods

Deepen Your
Practice 1:1

Mentorship will supercharge your personal growth as you are challenged to heal on ever deepening levels, following your own unique path of service in the world.

Learn Practical

Learn to apply the powerful healing practices that you have experienced in your own self growth work for the benefit of others in a safe, grounded and practical way.

Practice with
Other Students

Hands-on supervised practice of Spiritual Psi-Kology methods with other students. Learn by doing to embody this amazing work for the benefit of yourself and others.

Community Practitioner Support

Join a supportive community of amazing healers, guides and seekers. Together we learn, grow and help each other.

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One Year Deep Dive Into The Mysteries Of Soul & Spirit 

Learning, Practice, Discussion, Supervision + Your Own Personal Growth Work

Each month we will explore a different modality in this transformative work through group learning, co-practice with other mentees, direct supervision and feedback plus a monthly individual session to continue your personal development as a practitioner and work with your own unique skills and challenges.

Mentorship is for practitioners who have done a substantial amount of individual healing work and are looking to bring their life and their work to the next level: the level of service to others. Service is where the magic really happens within ourselves and in all areas of our lives. I'm excited to accompany you accross this threshold from being independent to being interdependent, from an individual journey to the path of service.


The joys, rewards and opportunites of this phase of development are rich and life affirming. You are preparing to awaken, clarify and manifest your most authentic self in the world.

You Will Learn:

  • Soul Retrieval & Inner Child Work

  • Power Retrieval & Exchange

  • Psychopomp/Working With The Dead

  • Time - Lining/Chakra Retrieval & Power Integration

  • Induction/Scripts & Body Centered Awareness

  • Self Part Integration

  • Dissolving the Inner Critic/Feeding Your Demons

  • Negative Energy Extraction/Depossession

  • Boundaries/Calling Power & Merging With Guides

  • Grounding & Sitting With Compassion

  • Teaching The Shamanic & Inner Journey

  • Active Listening & Deepening Questions

  • Reiki Attunement Level 1 & 2

"I have grown and healed in ways I didn't even know I needed"
Amber Renee Schwartz, Mentorship graduate

Monthly 2-Hour Group Virtual Class, Presentation and Lecture

Monthly Community Journey Group For Healing, Guidance & Empowerment

3-Hour Cooperative Practice Trading Spiritual Psi-Kology Sessions With Other Mentees

Monthly Q&As and Live Demonstrations To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice & Connection

Monthly 75-Minute One to One Mentorship Session with Renee

Year-long Supervision & Support Via Chat, Group Sessions and In-Person Retreats


"Mentorship gave me the tools to take my clients' healing to the next level. On top of that, I feel more confident, capable and empowered

than ever before. Wins all around."

Amber Schwartz, Reiki & Massage Healer

Monthly Mentorship Sessions


  • 2 hour group teaching

  • 3 hour practice/supervision with other mentees

  • 2 hour Q&A to clarify practice and methods

  • 2 hour Community Journey Group

  • 75 minute 1:1 session with Renee

2 hour Group Teaching Session - Lecture and demonstratation for one aspect or method of Spiritual Psi-Kology each month. Held on Zoom. Recorded for playback. All Mentees attend. 

3 hour Practice/Supervision - Virtual practice session with mentees practicing Spiritual Psi-Kology methods with each other as practitioner and client in Zoom Rooms. 

2 hour Group Q&A - Follow up to clarify and answer deepening questions from practice and class. Recorded for playback. All Mentees attend. 

2 hour Community Group Journey
 - Shamanic journey group to continue your personal practice in a virtual circle with past and present mentees. Optional

75 minute with Renee - Continue your personal growth and development as a practitioner with constistant 1:1 work. We will cultivate your natural skills, deepen your inner healing & empowerment and work with whatever blocks or challenges reveal themselves through the mentorship process.

Cost for year-long Mentorship:

$4400 by August 15, 2023


Early discount

$3995 by June 1


Payment plans:

2 payments $2300 ( August & Feb)



4 payments of $1200 (Aug/Nov/Feb/May)



Monthly installments of $415





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